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Are we really ready for cloud-based o...

Are we really ready for cloud-based operating systems?
It has been interesting to watch the banter that has occurred as a result of the latest update/announcement by Google relating to its anticipated, and again delayed, Chrome OS. If you’ve followed any of my posts concerning Google and its ability (or inability) to deliver “products”, you will know that I’m pretty tough [...]

Cereal comes in a box – not clo...

Cereal comes in a box – not clouds…
Earlier this week at Oracle World Larry Ellison touted Oracle’s latest entrant into the cloud computing world – Exalogic. Accompanying this announcement was quite a bit of banter between he and Marc Benioff about what a cloud is and is not. Ellison taking the position that Oracle and other companies can deliver fully self-containe [...]

Will there be a tug-of-war for Engine...

Will there be a tug-of-war for Engine Yard?
There’s been a lot of speculation lately about VMware snatching up Engine Yard. Just last year VMware grabbed up Zimbra, SpringSource, RabbitMQ, and Gemstone Data Management (a SpringSource acquisition) and earlier this year announced a joint venture with to create This gives VMware an entry point into the pl [...]

Will OpenStack be a disruptor in the ...

Will OpenStack be a disruptor in the cloud space?
A couple of weeks ago OpenStack launched its initiative to deliver an open source cloud platform. The initial list of participants includes some pretty big names such as Rackspace, NASA, Dell, Citrix, RightScale, Intel, AMD, Opscode, Zenoss and NTT Data. Founding members Rackspace and NASA contributed core elements of the new platform – [...]

Is cloud computing turning into an ec...

Is cloud computing turning into an economic tornado?
As I write this post I am listening to Daryl Plummer, Group Vice President and Gartner Fellow, share Gartner’s key predictions for 2010 and beyond. As expected, there are some pretty bold statements being offered. Cloud computing – one of our favorite subjects. According to Gartner, “by 2012 India-centric IT companies will [...]

Does Google Mail Really = Cloud?

Does Google Mail Really = Cloud?
I just watched the ZDNET “Themes to Watch for 2010″ video, hosted by Larry Dignan and Sam Diaz. I was interested in their perspective on the “cloud” – especially their view of the 2009 adoption rate (3-4%). I agree with their thoughts on future cloud adoption – it will come in “baby steps” as [...]

SAP – Cloud still not ready fro...

SAP – Cloud still not ready from ‘prime time’
Over the past few months I have penned several posts concerning the viability of the cloud for “mission critical” applications such as payroll, accounting, supply chain management, etc.  I just don’t believe the robustness, reliability and scalability that many cloud proponents claim.  If those things were inherent in cloud [...]

“Global Nerding” – ...

“Global Nerding” – are we all being transformed?
It’s about global nerding. Cloud computing puts the task, rather than the technology, back to the forefront. I don’t want to play with a computer — I want to play a game. Charlie Boswell, Director Digital Media and Entertainment, AMD Charlie Boswell may be on to something.   So much has been written about the “cloud” lately – [...]

“Intelligent Fog” and oth...

“Intelligent Fog” and other cloud variations…
I just read Joe McKendrick’s views on the current state of cloud “acceptance” and found it quite amusing.  I must say that I have to agree with some of his and his reader’s comments.  Cloud computing continues to be one of those things that we can’t quite get our arms around.  You push in on one side and it bulge [...]

Is it a cloud or is it a service?

Is it a cloud or is it a service?
OK, this is starting to get a little confusing. Seems like everywhere you turn these days, somebody is offering “cloud computing”. A couple of posts back I shared some comments on the recent TechCrunch roundtable that was held in Mountain View on 2/27. Since then, a colleague of mine, Jim Opfer, shared a  CNET article by James [...]



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